LCM-Builder 1.3

LCM-Builder 1.3: Web Application Generator for ASP Programmers to generate easy maintainable code LCM-Builder is an ASP productivity component what helps you to create ASP source code. LCM-Builder creates web applications that are multi-lingual ready and have all the Insert, Update, Delete and record navigation functionality and buttons build in. LCM-Builder comes with a free web based development tool for easy web application source code generation. There is a wizard to install web project databases and the necessary components.

Dino Trilogy 4.0: Three educational games for ages 5-12: Math, Memory, and Spelling.
Dino Trilogy 4.0

Dino Trilogy v4.0 - DynoTech Software. Three exciting windows educational games for ages 5-12 (Memory, Math, Spelling). Help Derik the Dinosaur rescue items from Rex the Tyrannosaurus by solving various learning challenges. Includes animation, music, and sound effects. No-loose feature helps make learning more fun. Req: Windows; 8MB RAM; Sound Card (optional, but recommended). []

testing, derik, educational, spell, numbers, dynotech, children, words, evaluating, thinking, solving, dinosaurs, music

EagleEyeOS Professional 3.1.0: Powerful and flexible security solution against data leakage.
EagleEyeOS Professional 3.1.0

help secure confidential documents even against system administrators. It helps create a network-wide security zone, blocking the way from computers that have been added, or located outside the protected zone. Through the separation of user rights, it supports not only the segregation of operating and security tasks, but also the use of notebooks inside or outside the network; on supported operating systems, the program’s functions work on any

filesecurity, devices, datasecurity, eagleeyeos, logging, storages, filemonitoring, syslog, snapshot, data leakage

Hello Engines! Standard 4.0.1: A multi-awarded tool for submitting websites to more than 800 search engines.
Hello Engines! Standard 4.0.1

Hello Engines! is a multi-awarded submission tool which helps you to boost the traffic on your website. Your website is submitted correctly and realiably to almost all important search engines (e.g. Google, Alta Vista, Fireball, etc.) and directories (e.g. Yahoo,, etc.). In this way Hello Engines! directs a high volume of traffic to your home page.

ranking, engines, web promotion, url registration, pre submission check, website registration, optimizing, promotion, search engines, html checker, hello engines, automatic, submission

SmartDirCopy 5.0: Back up or copy only important documents (files and folders) AND if they changed
SmartDirCopy 5.0

Easy backup program to back up or copy only one or a selection of important documents (files or folders), a tool for simple, fast and small backups. This software helps to save your everyday work in a quick and clear way. Fast because it copies only pre-selected items AND only if they changed since last backup. Clear because it leaves the directory structure and file formats in the backup as they were in the source. With built-in timer support.

removable media, cd r, important files, files, back up, program, critical, copy, my documents, synchronize, backups, ransfer, partly

Leaping Lemmings 2004.07.27: Lemmings fall from the sky, and go 'splat' if you fail to catch them
Leaping Lemmings 2004.07.27

One day, Norwegian fishermen Birger and Roald are returning home from a long day of fishing, when they spotted a herd of adorable fat fuzzy lemmings stampeding off a cliff into the ocean (as they are known to sometimes do). Overwelmed with pity and mindless altrusim, they land their boat on the beach, take up a net, and try to save as many helpless lemmings as possible.

SmartBee 3.10: Displays humor and quotes from famous people
SmartBee 3.10

A program that helps you take those forgotten breaks every hour. A program, written for the purpose of making you happy and perhaps learn one or two witty quotes. A program with one of the world``s largest collections of unique textual pieces of fun for you.

signatures, fortune, cookie, humor

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